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event management company in dubai

event management company in dubai

event organizer company in UAE

event organizer company in UAE

Meet the Innovative Event Management Agency in Dubai

Event Management Dubai


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What we are :

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

There is one drive which keeps us up to beat in this highly competitive environment, the urge to make things quick, efficient & cost effective. This is our fuel, our passion, this is ACTIVATE 360, an innovative event management agency in Dubai. 

Every ACTIVATE 360 event management project is individual and, as such, each requires a completely tailored approach. The scope of projects covered is vast and can vary from a singular brief for a stream of content for a website to masterminding a multi-channel brand experience for thousands of people.

Our audiences vary enormously too. From consumers to corporate, press to trading channels, staff to investors, our focus is always on the audience journey and proven results and the awards that we win are testament to our success.

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