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Video Killed The Photo Star

Its a natural evolution in the digital world, following the footsteps of the famous wall street adagio "The Trend is you Friend", our ability to produce data has drastically shifted and continues to do so as I'm writing this paragraph.

Stills are of the past, all the social platforms who are harvesting our endless ability to create & post predicted it and served it well. Many ideas come to the forefront of what is next? Will the next frontier indulge in triggering other senses, from the click of a play button, a multitude of emotions reminding us of past or present experiences?

What will be the difference between the Recorded and the Live broadcast, will we even care to dig further to know the difference.

The ego feeding Social Machine will make sure to keep on nurturing the urge to sell self esteem to most of the needy society, in return that same society will pay it back by for ever creating, acting and producing videos that will populate its servers.

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